Youths Leadership Training

Youth Leadership Training

It’s not likely you’re a natural born leader (most of us aren’t). The top leaders in today’s successful businesses made the journey from manager to leader by making the most of their innate talents, plus spending time on learning the important skills they knew they needed to succeed. Motivating people, conquering setbacks, creating inspired teams the secrets to developing these skills and more are right here in our program. You won’t want to miss it.
We have developed programs for Leaders to provide you with all the information you will ever need in regard to improving your leadership skills.

Our Training entails the following:
1.How to develop the leader within you
2.Better ways to motivate … inspire … succeed!
3.How to speak so others know how to follow
4.Leadership mistakes you don’t have to make
5.Light the fire of excellence in your team
6.Speak so others know how to follow
7.Positive feedback … the fuel of high performance
8.A team approach to dealing with unacceptable behavior
9.What teams really need from their leaders


Our Programme
To continue our support for youth and School Groups, Altimor Adventures is offering Leadership Training programs at a discounted rate to all youth Groups.Youth leadership isn’t for just a chosen few. All teens and youths can practice the skills and attitudes leaders use. Our programs make learning about leadership meaningful and fun while building character. Teens are called on to recognize each other’s strengths, become better listeners, communicate clearly, identify their values, build trust, set goals and become more equipped with life skills necessary to soar high in life.

Some of the specific benefits for youths include:
1.An improved sense of health and well-being
2.An enhanced self-image and sense of self-worth
3.A sense of feeling valued and appreciated
4.A sense of feeling competent and accomplished
5.A sense of spiritual fulfillment
6.A feeling of having gained deeper insights into one’s own childhood experiences
7.A deeper understanding of general life issues
8.A sense of satisfaction from “giving back to the community”
9.A sense of feeling needed and a young Society Leader
10.A forum for Networking with other youths sharing life and career experiences.


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