Ole Sekut Hill

Ole Sekut Hill-Day Hike

Distance from Nairobi About 50km
Starting Point: Manyatta near Ole Sayeti
Ending point: Manyatta near Ole Sayeti
Walking Duration: 5-6 hours
Terrain: Dirt trails with some rocky areas. Difficulty/Moderate

Situated in the South Rift Valley about 50km from Nairobi, the Olesekut summit on Oloroka mountain range offers a moderately easy day hike through Maasai country that takes about 5-6 hours to complete. Foreigners erroneously call this place olesakut to the dismay of the Maasai, since that is a swear word in their language.

After starting at the plains near Ole Sayeti, the trail skirts to the left of this little hill, then cuts across another plain to get to the base of Olesekut. It then winds its way up onto oloroka ridges that present spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, including the distant Ngong Hills.

From here on, the trail levels off at a high elevation and follows a ridge top with stunning V- shaped gullies running off to the sides, and breathtaking sheer cliff drops. At the head of one of these side valleys is Kitalo Cave, a refuge for Maasai Morans during their period of living in the wild, following their circumcision. Save for the few herds of Maasai livestock you encounter grazing on the lower hill slopes, Olesekut is delightfully isolated from civilization, and from its summit you get magnificent views of both Ngong Hills and Mt Olorgesailie. It makes for a truly refreshing day hike from Nairobi.

Take Langata Road till Bomas of Kenya, turn right on to Magadi Road, and drive past Ongata Rongai, Kiserian and Corner Baridi till Kisamis. Branch off to the right on to the Ngong circular road and drive past the a bridge till you get to J.M Kariuki’s memorial marker at the site where his body was found back in 1975. Turn left and drive towards Ole Sayeti until you find a Manyatta where you can park your vehicle. You’ll need to negotiate with the homestead owners (your guide can handle this matter) to look after your car in exchange for a small fee.

You can walk freely on this hill, since it is on Maasai community land. However, it would be prudent to get a local guide to show you the trails and explain the local features, places and history.


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