Hiking Adventures

Hiking Adventures

It is generally the act of walking for extended periods of time for the enjoyment of a natural setting. It can involve taking a trail to the top of a mountain, or just a gentle prairie trail that winds along a river or creek.

Hiking is an excellent way to explore a certain region or country. If you enjoy walking in the wilderness, meeting likeminded people then a hiking holiday is the right choice for you.

Hiking has always been an essential element of many Altimor Adventure trips, leading our clients on incredible hikes in different parts of the country. Over the years,combining our love for hiking with what we do best-guiding, we’ve established a full series of guided hiking tours.

Building your body is a wonderful way to stay healthy, but you also need an activity that engages your mind, soul, and health. Hiking has some incredible benefits!
a)Muscular, Cardio & Respiratory Health: Hiking increases your body’s muscular health and helps to create muscles in your body. Improving muscle function and growth will benefit your body and you by being strong and turning fat into muscle.
b)Sharpens Your Brain: Hiking increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain which enhances a variety of areas. These areas include concentration, focus,memory, and happiness. Oxygen and blood flow allow your brain to function better and helps your body to produce more chemicals that make you feel joy and pleasure.
c)Lowers Risks of Health Problems: Hiking helps to decrease high blood pressure and reduces your risk of attaining it in the first place. In addition, it lowers risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and lowers your risk of heart disease.
d)Increase Bone Density: Hiking is bone healthy! Hiking allows your bones to be exercised in your body to the extent that regular activities can’t compete with. Hiking allows your body fresh air, away from pollutants and has you walking to increase stamina, muscles, and overall performance.
e)Sleep Better: Hiking stimulates your brain, your body, and your soul, so it’s no wonder that it takes a lot out of you and helps you to sleep at night! While you hike, no matter how small you start at first, your body and mind will be pushed from its comfort zone.
f)Brightens Your Spirit: Finally reaching the top of a mountain, Cliffside or any high peak, is bound to have a beautiful view, no matter the location. When you come to the top of your climb, the peak, you will feel proud and humble. Your body will be exhausted, but your soul and mind will be alive and energize from the feat you just accomplished.
g) Weight Control: We’ve all been there with trying to lose weight and keep it off.Hiking is a fantastic way to continue your weight loss, build up your core muscles, and continue to stay in shape and get fit. Even without changing your diet, hiking can aid in weight loss, so long as you continue to push yourself. Hiking is beneficial to your mind, soul, and your body. It helps you with weight loss, muscle building, increasing and supporting your bone density, and lessens your risks of dangerous illnesses.

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