Bespoke Expedition

Bespoke Expedition

An Expedition is an organized journey that is undertaken for a particular purpose. An expedition is no walk in the park. It’s a serious journey, often with a very specific purpose undertaken by several people and lots of equipment.

At the heart of our expedition programme is a fresh, responsible approach. These school expeditions go way beyond just self-development, taking students on unique experiences where the journey itself becomes the adventure.

Bespoke Expeditions

This is an Expedition that has been specially designed for a particular group or purpose. To maximize the learning experience and get the whole team ready for the big adventure, we deliver a bespoke expedition programme tailored to the grade of your planned excursion.

Ensuring every person knows about risk management, health and hygiene issues, how to purify water, what to do in the unlikely event of an incident and how to be more responsible travelers is all part of the essential preparation programme in the build up to your expedition.

Why Go On Expedition

  • Expeditions are probably the best learning environment for young people. Being pushed physically and mentally means students are taken out of their comfort zone, and that’s where the magic happens.
  • Our goal is to ignite a life-long passion for adventure, a yearning for global learning and for students to be able to make educated decisions about risk-benefit and long term global sustainability. After all, we’re educating the next generation of travelers, teachers, nurses, engineers, politicians and potentially world leaders. It’s important we open their eyes to the world the good and the bad.
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