Extinguishing Your Campfire

Extinguish all fires by pouring water on them, stirring the ashes, and then applying more water. Repeat as often as needed. Ashes should be cool to the touch before you leave the site. Be utterly certain a fire and its embers are out and cold before you depart.

Never leave a campfire unattended!

Cleaning up Your Campfire
Burn trash items only if they can be fully consumed by fire and turned to ash. Do not attempt to burn plastic, cans or foil. If you do burn something that’s not fully consumed, collect the remains when the fire is out and either pack it out or put it in a trash receptacle. When you’re in the backcountry, pack out any trash found in your pit. Extract any charcoal pieces left inside your ring, carry them away from your site, crush the chunks, then scatter the remnants and dust throughout a broad area. Dismantle any structure you might have built.

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